Greenfreeze Technology
The first 100% ecological refrigerators

KOH-I-NOOR adopted the Greenfreeze Technology for all their line of Refrigerators and Freezers, incorporating 2 types of nonpolluting gases and in favor of the environment. One that goes to the circuit of refrigeration (Isobutene) and another one that goes to the isolation circuit (Cyclopentane). This change places to the products KOH-I-NOOR in the world-wide technological vanguard, being the first and unique ones of all America with ecological 100%characteristics. Their main advantages are that they avoid the global Earth heating and protect the ozone layer/stratum. Another one of the advantages is that this technology allows a saving in the energy consumption in an average of 25%. This is translated into a saving of money for the user and indirectly the country generates less energy than it means minor contamination/smaller pollution of the environment What is the global Earth heating? Also known as Greenhouse effect or climatic change. It takes place when the solar radiation is trapped in/on the terrestrial atmosphere. Different gases protect the Earth. These gases are more permeable to the solar rays that to the energy that dismisses the planet, therefore it doesn't allow that the heat escapes and it produces what we call greenhouse effect. The high temperatures, hurricane presence more frequent and more violent, traced droughts, the melting of glaciers of the Arctic and the Antarctica, are some examples of the consequences that this phenomenon of the climatic change brings. What is the ozone layer? The ozone layer fulfills the function to filter originating ultra-violet rays of the sun. Ozone is in the stratosphere, between 25 and 30 km by on the Earth surface. The lack of this gas allows that the rays filter that are very prejudicial for the human life and which they can cause burns, cancer in the skin, animal blindness, delay in the rate of growth of the plants, alter the balance of the ecosystems, accelerate the degradation of plastics, etc.