Origin of the brand
KOH-I-NOOR is the name of a diamond, and this is its history

Historians state that the first diamonds were found in India, and they were taken to the Occident by the Romans. On a date which is not confirmed, a diamond of 787 carats was found there. This diamond was divided into two pieces. One of these pieces was Orlov; the diamond that once belonged to the Empress of Russia, Catherine. The other one was Koh-i-nor, the most famous precious stone in the world.

In 1304, the stone was in possession of the Rajah of Malwa; then, it passed to Sultan Baber, who founded the Mogul dynasty in 1526. Afterwards, the diamond came into the possession of Baber's descendants until it reached the hands of the Indian Emperor Yahan. In those years, the possession of such jewel was considered a symbol of power. In 1739, Nadir Shah, King of Persia, invaded India and looted the Mogul Palace, but he could not find the famous diamond. A harem woman told him that the Emperor kept the diamond in his turban. Nadir Shah invited him to a banquet and proposed him to exchange their turbans, an ancient oriental custom symbol of amity. The Emperor could not refuse and gave him his turban. Nadir Shah found the famous Koh-i-noor ("Mountain of light" in Gosthani, a Hindu dialect) inside the turban. During the following years, the precious stone had many owners until the English Army invaded Persia, where the diamond was kept by them.

Inspired by the perfection of this jewel, we have named our line of electrical appliances KOH-I-NOOR